Introducing the SolidViolet Litepaper

Discover how SolidViolet is revolutionizing RWA trading with our new Litepaper. Learn about unparalleled liquidity solutions, innovative compliance tools, and more...

Introducing the SolidViolet Litepaper

We are proud to announce the release of the SolidViolet Litepaper, a comprehensive guide to how we are transforming the Real World Asset (RWA) trading landscape. With the Litepaper, we aim to shed light on our innovative approach and detailed plans for the future of RWA trading.

At SolidViolet, we understand the challenges faced by issuers and investors in the RWA ecosystem. Issues such as compliance complexities, liquidity bottlenecks, and the lack of a compliant path for institutional involvement have long hindered the growth of this market. Our Litepaper addresses these concerns head-on, offering a detailed blueprint of our solution we are building designed to reinvent the RWA trading experience.

Here’s an overview of what our Litepaper covers:

Issuer Compliance Tooling

We provide issuers with the tools and a standard interface to define KYC and compliance requirements. This ensures that compliance is maintained throughout the issuance and secondary market trading processes, addressing one of the most significant pain points in the RWA space.

Unified Incremental KYC

Our innovative KYC system allows investors to leverage a unified and incremental approach, integrating with issuers to capture the minimum required information progressively. This system maximizes trading opportunities while minimizing the sharing of sensitive information.

Combined Liquidity

SolidViolet aggregates liquidity from primary issuers and secondary markets into a single unified market. This deep liquidity allows traders to execute larger orders more efficiently and with less slippage, creating a more dynamic and robust trading environment.

Fast Perpetual Futures

With our combined liquidity, we can support the rapid deployment of perpetual futures markets. This feature enables sophisticated trading strategies without the need for on-chain liquidity, providing a seamless trading experience for our users.

Liquidity Accelerator

We support vetted RWA issuers through our Liquidity Accelerator program, enhancing asset utility and trading volume. This program helps new projects raise capital and expand their token distribution, offering early access and yield opportunities for SolidViolet investors.

We invite you to delve deeper into these features and more by reading the full SolidViolet Litepaper. Discover how we are setting new standards in the RWA trading landscape and paving the way for a more compliant, liquid, and efficient market. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and lead the way in transforming RWA trading.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we are building a brighter future for RWA trading.

[Read the full Litepaper here]

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SolidViolet is also offering a staking contract for early investors to deposit Lido Staked Ethereum (stETH) and Ethereum Mainnet (ETH) to receive SolidViolet’s native token upon token launch in Fall 2024. The staking pool is available at